Create an easy and relaxing transition from holidays to school for you and your children… in just six minutes a day!

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Your Blueprint Includes....

Daily Tapping Videos

  • Release the stress of preparing for the new school term

  • Release anxiety about your kids going back to school

  • Release stress about doing the school run

  • Release first day of school anxieties

  • Prepare for a positive start to school


  • BONUS 1: preparing for your child's first day at a new nursery or school

  • BONUS 2: Supporting your child who is feeling anxious about going to school

  • BONUS 3: Supporting a child who is being bullied

  • BONUS 4: Supporting your child with academic pressures

  • Facebook Group Support

How the Back to School Blueprint can help you and your child

  • Are you feeling apprehensive, stressed or anxious about the start of the school year?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed about getting back to the school routine?
  • Is your child starting school for the first time or changing schools?
  • Did your child have a difficult time last year?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

My name is Tamara Donn and I have created a 5-day blueprint for an easy transition back to school for you and your children.

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Starts September 1st.

Join a growing community of mums who are feeling confident, calm and relaxed about Back to School week.

Tamara Donn

Helping frazzled mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids more and get more done
Accredited Certified Master EFT Trainer and family constellator​​​​​​​

“After doing the tapping, I feel more focused on preparing for school by pacing myself and the children, I have more patience with myself, making my needs important and am feeling less stressed.  Doing EFT always shows me something I can learn about myself & its so individual you can use your own instincts and so can be very empowering.”

Y Crowther Mother

“The Back to School tapping videos have been emotional and empowering for me. I realised that I’m anxious about saying goodbye to my daughter on her first day starting school for the first time, even though she’s been at nursery since 10 months old! Had some big releases wathcing th videos just in 5 minutes! Thank you, Tamara”,

Emily Pearson Mother

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