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This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page


This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

Are You Ready to Change for Good?

Here are some of the common problems mums I help share with me:

I've tried to change but failed

I'm too exhausted

It's just the way things are

I've got no time

I don't know where to start with this

I'm scared to change

You don't understand my situation

This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"    - Einstein

Nothing can change if you don’t start doing something differently.

I know you might be wondering how such huge transformation can happen in just a few minutes a day watching a video but believe me, it will happen!

What I’m about to say, may seem a little far fetched but, I have seen it work so many times now – for myself and for my clients – that I know it to be true and I can be 100% certain that it will work for you too.

When you change your mindset, you create new thoughts that were not there before, and you are able to see new possibilities.


  • Create ease, peace and calm in your life
  • Release stress and overwhelm
  • Learn how to get back on track when life goes pear-shaped
  • Learn a powerful parenting tool
  • Teach your children an empowering tool that will be with them for the rest of their lives
  • Make a difference to the next generation
  • Create a new life-changing habit (whether you know how to tap or not)

Reported "Side Effects"!

  • I've stopped craving sugar
  • I've stopped spending money on myself to make myself feel better
  • Period pain gone while I tapped every day
  • I have a reason to get up in the morning again
  • Feeling more loving and connected to my partner
  • Nausea that has been there for the last 8 months disappeared
  • Phobia gone

This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

As a business-owner, homeschooler, & wife to a husband with limiting disabilities this program spoke to my feeling of CONSTANTLY being overwhelmed. Sometimes that overwhelm led to feelings of hopelessness that I'll never get ahead, and feelings of resentment that I never get a break. I experienced occasional insomnia, fatigue, depression... I was a bit concerned that even this program would feel overwhelming but I KNEW it would be helpful...AND IT WAS. Tamara led tapping on topics including feeling overwhelmed, shifting perspective, focusing on gratitude and other emotions. I even discovered that I had feelings of guilt that I was unaware of, buried below my consciousness! The tapping helped me recognize it AND resolve those feelings so I could productively address what caused the feelings of guilt. This program was so beneficial in itself, and it also confirmed to me the value of Tapping. I will absolutely work with Tamara again as I continue to grow & improve myself and my life.

Jamie Lynn Fisher

Why mums love this...

This is just to say I thoroughly recommend Tamara's programme. I really did feel so much benefit from doing the EFT every day and Tamara is a guiding light throughout it all. Very uplifting and only take around 5 minutes a session, but I noticed that on the very odd day I didn't do it how much easier I could become frazzled/anxious. It is now something I want to incorporate into my life and I am managing so far. I have previously done Transcendental meditation, but find I get the same positive results from tapping but it takes much less time.

Julie Thomson

I have been watching the Tamara's videos and I can't rave enough about them. She is incredible in bringing frazzled/ stressed women together and tapping with them on a daily basis. All of that stress and chaos that you feel is insurmountable becomes manageable in a very calming way. It was life-changing for me in so many ways and I want to share this experience will all of my friends.

Natalie Bachiri

Get My Sanity Back Online Club For Mums


In the first week you will receive daily tapping videos (5 minutes long) to get you up to speed and after that your will receive them weekly. If you don't know anything about tapping, don't worry, I will give you everything you need to know to get going. If you are familiar with tapping, great! In this club you will be making tapping your habit, your goto place in times of stress and as an additional parenting tool


For support and accountability you will have access to a private facebook group and be able to find a buddy if that is what you would prefer. I'll pop-in regularly to answer questions and keep you inspired and motivated.


Monthly live group tapping session with Tamara - and your questions answered. Don't worry if you can't make it, it will be recorded.


Join me on facebook for regular live tapping sessions


If you would like to apply for a FREE EFT session with me on Facebook live, I give priority to my club members.


My Good Sleep Guide - packed with advice and tapping videos and help for a great night's sleep


Discounted one-2-one sessions with Tamara- if you want some personal tapping guidance then club members get over 30% off the price of  an hour's session with me or a special discounted price for a half hour intensive session.


Let your friends know about the club and they can try it out for FREE for 1 month. Once they join the monthly plan, you get a FREE month for each friend!

Topics covered in the first week:

I can't change

Releasing the reasons and blocks to being able to change, fear of change, fear of things getting worse before they get better, fear of not deserving change, fear that things can't change because of all the external factors in my life...

Time - What time!

Releasing reasons and blocks to having no time or when when you do have time, you feel overwhelmed as to what to do with your time because there is so much to do!

I don't know where to start!

Sometimes overwhelm can feel as if you are lost in a forest and can't find your way out. You keep trying different paths but you end up in the same place. Imagine you are able to rise above the forest and see the bigger picture and from that place find solutions to the stress and overwhelm in your life


Create an image of how you would like your life to look and feel

In subsequent weeks we will address:

*Address and release these as well as start looking at root causes of these:

  • Negative emotions (overwhelm, anxiety, anger and guilt etc)
  • Constant thoughts ("how am I going to get it all done", "there is no time for me", etc)
  • Limiting beliefs ("I'm not good enough", "I've got to get it right", "I'm not supported" etc)

* increase positive states of mind such as calm, ease, clarity, joy etc

* set yourself up for a great day and a great night sleep

* creating success with tricky areas such as

  • morning run
  • sleep
  • meal times
  • back to school
  • summer holidays
  • exams

* Tapping with and for your kids

* Learn how to get back on track when life goes pear-shaped


You will get access to the club for just £1 for 2 weeks and after that its either £47 per month or £470 per year (2 months for free). You can cancel your membership at any time.

“The videos are very soothing and comforting, almost like a hug every day, a bit of re-assurance"
Eleanor Holton